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Its no wonder that Florida , gateway to the Caribbean, is the worlds favourite cruise hub. With new ships sailing out of Tampa , Port Canaveral, Miami and Fort Lauderdale this winter, itinerary options have never been better for those who decide to cruise and stay. Miami in the south remains the most popular city for departures, with 42 ships sailing from the port but Fort Lauderdale, blessed with wonderful beaches, is another good twin-centre option. The 12 theme parks of Orlando are only an hour away from busy Port Canaveral. Florida travel guide Despite having lived in the state for many years I had neglected Martin County. It has dozens of parks, great beaches, galleries, museums and what is claimed to be the most biodiverse lagoon ecosystem in the Northern hemisphere. View photos Queen Mary 2 arrives at Fort Lauderdale - Credit: 2004 Getty Images/Tom Ervin More Equidistant from Orlando and Miami, the town of Stuart on the east coast has a growing reputation for offering an alternative Florida experience. This is a small town and we dont like change, said our trolley driver, Bob, as we toured the countys hub on our first morning. Things havent changed here in more than 50 years and folks like it that way. In the case of Stuart, that is a good thing. Its biggest building is the four-storey Lyric Theatre, its 1926 facade comfortably at home on Flagler Avenue, one of the two streets that constitute the heart of downtown. Floridas ubiquitous chain hotels are noticeably missing, along with the high-rise condos that sprawl for miles further south. View photos Hutchinson Island - Credit: AP More In the absence of a big-name hotel we stayed at the charming Inn Shepards Park, a bed-and-breakfast with a view over Frazier Creek, a tributary of the St Lucie River where dolphins and manatees were often in evidence. We looked for them at breakfast, taken on the porch while enjoying fresh fruit, warm-from-the-oven muffins, yoghurt and waffles. The inn offers its guests the use of kayaks for a morning paddle on the river and bicycles for the short pedal into town.