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Most people wouldn't go in if there family were stuck outside to die, so they also accept the immediate family. Posts: 3197 Posted: Mon Dec 12, 2016 4:14 pm Ock, I need to pick this up too. Stilted or not, the English dub is still very good. I really need to be a more dedicated God Eater gamer. On a side note, I wish the God Eater costume DLC would have been for Berseria instead of Zestiria. Quote: The biggest issue to me is the fact that almost no one wears any protective gear out on the battlefield bare chests, exposed stomachs, and plenty of other questionable fashion choices seem to make the characters more vulnerable than they need to be. The women are particularly bad on this front, with Sakuya's outfit being impractically flowy (seriously, it looks like a risque 1920s dress that Miss Phryne Fisher would wear), and Alisa's not only leaves all of her vulnerable areas exposed but also offers nothing in terms of support. This may seem like a silly complaint, but when most of your story is set on the battlefield and isn't shy about showing the damage the aragami can do to a human body, fanservice should perhaps take a backseat to practicality. This is played up for laughs in Project X Zone 2 with nearly every pair unit commenting on Alisa's outfit during the pre-battle dialogs. The joke is more self-aware than anything else, and Alisa either doesn't mind that her boobs are almost out in the open or she wonders why everyone is making a big deal about it.

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