Practical Advice On Finding Necessary Aspects Of Dining

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However, in the sixth century, spinach traveled east from Persia into China. Whether the Chinese cats liked spinach is not known, but the population liked it in soups. Spinach became known as Persian herbs. The Chinese raised spinach along the outer fringes of their rice fields, where there was still some sandy soil from the rice fields. In time, this green vegetable was transported to India and Nepal, where it became known as China flower. The invading Moors introduced spinach to Spain in the 12th century. Within a hundred years, this green leaf was known all over Europe as spanacha, or Spanish greens. It is not known whether the Crusaders brought spinach to Europe from the Muslim world or whether it spread northward from Spain. In 1351, spinach was on a list of vegetables recommended for monks on fast days. In England, a book complied at the court of Richard II in 1390, The Forme of Cury, mentions spinach. An English manuscript of 1440 relating to cookery states that the chief vegetables eaten in England at the time were cabbage, leeks, radishes and spinach.