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For while San Francisco had the Summer of Love and the rainbow optimism of Haight-Ashbury, Oakland had something darker. It was one of the epicentres of biker machismo, to the extent that Sonny Barger, leader of the Oakland chapter of the Hells Angels a charismatic but violent figure featured heavily in left-field journalist Hunter S. Thompsons 1966 tome Hells Angels: The Strange and Terrible Saga of The Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs. And where San Francisco had girls with flowers in their hair, Oakland was the gateway to Altamont, the now-defunct speedway track, 45 miles east, where the Rolling Stones held their notorious free concert on December 6 1969, and the hippy dream is said to have died via the fatal stabbing of an 18-year-old fan by (Hells Angels) security. Oakland is a magnet for people who want hour-wage jobs and cheap housing, who cant afford to live in Berkeley, San Francisco or any of the middle-class Bay Area suburbs, Thompson wrote in his book. It is a noisy, ugly, mean-spirited place. Some of this mud stuck in the last half-century but the slur has lost plenty of accuracy in the interim. The cheap housing element is fading, erased by new residents from across the Bay seeking more competitive rents and pushing up prices. And Oakland has shed some of its image as an inward-looking entity, partly because it is now easy for outsiders to reach it. Next week sees the start of a new direct British Airways service (four times a week) from Gatwick. This will complement the three-times-weekly connection from the same airport by the low-cost carrier Norwegian last May.